Available to be purchased online for a little more than $150 a bottle (120 capsules), Leptoprin is manufactured by A.G. Waterhouse and claims that it can lead to approximately 11 percent more weight loss when compared to other products that are available on the market. This diet pill can be seen frequently on web advertising as well as television commercials leading many consumers to believe that this is the ultimate wonder pill of weight loss for anyone looking to lose weight. However, a look at the weight loss product’s official websites says otherwise. The official website for Leptoprin states that the weight loss drug should only be used in individuals with a BMI, or body mass index, of at least 27 or by those who are considered to be clinically obese.


Since this drug has been manufactured to be a pill that assists in the burning of calories, there are a number of herbs, amino acids and minerals in the ingredient content. Some of the ingredients include herbs Paulinia cupana, Ilex paraguarensis and Turnera diffusa, the amino acid L-tyrosine, ma huang extract, green tea leaf extract, Vitamin B6 as well as calcium.

But that’s not all the ingredients. Green tea and green coffee bean are also a couple of ingredients included meaning that Leptoprin has a high content level of caffeine. In addition, a closer look at all the ingredients show that while they are good for one’s overall health, there is nothing that significantly contributes to a decrease in weight. Further, there is no clinical data on the website showing that these ingredients can indeed promote weight loss or is safe for consumption on a regular basis.

Side Effects

While most weight loss products on today’s market include a number of stimulants to help increase one’s metabolism as well as other things, a high level of caffeine content in a diet pill is not safe for long-term use. Using caffeine excessively can lead to a number of health risks including but not limited to heart attacks, strokes, hypertension and cardiac arrest. Since Leptoprin has a high amount of caffeine, it is not ideal for excessive, long-term use.


When purchasing a weight loss product, you want the option to return it if it doesn’t stand up to its claim. Leptoprin does not have any type of money back guarantee offer listed on their official website so if you purchase the product and aren’t happy with it or have side effects, the problem is yours. It’s sort of as if you enter at your own risk – and it’s a huge risk when it has a price tag of more than $150 per bottle.

In addition, the website cannot answer questions that you may have as there is no section for FAQ’s nor is there a customer testimonial section. That alone should cause you to walk away and find a product that can show you facts and clinical data.

The Verdict

To be put simply, there are too many issues with Leptoprin despite their claims – causing you to lose weight quickly and in a short period of time. There is nothing to show that their claims are true and that the drug does in fact cause you to lose about 11% more than other products on the market. While the pill does come with important ingredients such as calcium and Vitamin B6, these supplements can be purchased separately at a more economical price.